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“Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500&5)” – Independent Tamil Feature Film – Official FULL Movie


“Ayynoorum Ayynthum (500 & 5)” is a Tamil Feature film about the journey of a 500 Rupee note that travels through 5 different characters.

Penned & Orchestrated by Stanzin Raghu

Created by Maverick Dass, Earthling Koushalya, Ramesh and Stanzin Raghu under the Accessible Horizon Films creations.

Overall Synopsis
A 500 Rupee currency bill. 5 characters. Their trysts with it.

The 5 Individual Stories’ Synopses
Segment 1 – Adiyaalukku Podiyaal (The Goon’s Stooge)
Sudalai – A Goon’s stooge, superstitious Sudalai wants to become a Don. Will he realize his dream or will his misplaced sense of self get in the way of it???

Segment 2 – Mr.Adi? Director Adi?
Adi – Actually, ‘successful’ film-director Adi, who’s separated from his wife thanks to his philandering ways, is desperate to redeem himself and get her back. Will he be able to?

Segment 3 – Number Sollunga (Number Please)
Sundari – Spunky Sundari is in love and works at a phone recharge shop. All she wants is to safeguard the souvenir her boyfriend gives her. Will she hold on to it?

Segment 4 – Jenny’s Shadow
Jenny – Volatile, troubled Jenny lives in a world where she walks a fine line between psychedelic reality and nightmarish fantasy. Will she rise above it or get sucked into a self-destructive vortex of darkness?

Segment 5 – Agni Kunjondru Kandein… (I found a spark of fire)
The Radical – Nameless, avant-garde revolutionary. He ignites a moneyless rebellion with which he threatens to raze down the capitalistic juggernaut.

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